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The Yahrzeit - the anniversary of the death of a relative, is observed as a solemn occasion in all branches of Judaism. A special candle is lit, burning for the full 24 hours of the anniversary date. The Hebrew date of death is regarded as the anniversary in the years after a person's passing, and it was traditional for centuries to also mark the occasion by visiting the gravesite.

In modern society, with its mobility and scattering of families, such visits are not always possible. Other forms of remembrance have developed, and Jewish War Veterans has developed this site to allow families around the world to use the internet to remember and memorialize their loved ones. For many veterans their military service was a pivotal point in their lives, whatever fate held for them later. This Yahrzeit site recognizes them for their achievements and their love in the context that meant so much to them.

For a modest $100 fee you can have the name and photo of your departed loved one placed in our Yahrzeit remembrance program. The Yahrzeit will appear automatically on the Hebrew and English calendar date of his/her death. You can also return to the site as frequently as you wish by clicking on the "View Yahrzeit" box and typing in your loved one's name in the search box. Then click on "Go". Please note that this Yahrzeit program is not only for Veterans, it is open to everyone. When searching the database, search from General to Specific, i.e. If you are searching for John Doe. Type in the "Search" field the Last name "Doe" and this will search the database for everyone with "Doe" in their names. A list of matches comes up and you then "Click" the Yahrzeit that you wish to view.

We hope you will return to renew your memories again, and in generations of your family yet to come.

November 1, 2014 09:21 EST
Washington, DC, USA